Terms and Agreements

To engage CELEBRATION STRINGS  for your event:


  • Go to the Contact Us page to make your initial inquiries
  • We will mail a contract to you which will ask for details of your event and your contact information
  • You will be asked to make a down payment for half our fee (which will depend upon group size and length of engagement  (no credit cards, please)
  • You will return the completed contract and check promptly to the address on the contract
  • The balance is to be paid on site the day of the event
  • Additional fees may be incurred
  •       for changes you make in the contract (date, time, location, etc.)
  •       for travel outside the metro area
  •       for any special musical arrangement you request (min. $100)




QUARTET (2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello)
   Please call.

TRIO (1 violin, 1 viola and 1 cello)
   Please call.

DUET (1 violin and 1 cello)
   Please call.

Additional Terms and Agreements:


  • All details must be finalized two weeks prior to the event
  • Scope, size and location of event determines the optimum size of our group
  • We are a professional quartet but for small, intimate gatherings our trio may suffice
  • We can easily expand our numbers beyond four according to your needs
  • The pre-established finish time will be closely observed
  • We take a 10-minute rest period after each hour of performing
  • We arrive 30 minutes before specified starting time to set up and meet with the venue’s event organizer
  • Customarily we begin playing 15-20 minutes before the event, be it a wedding, in-home party or other type of service
  • For outdoor events, it is essential that our instruments be protected from bad weather such as direct sunlight or rain drops. If there is no shelter available (such as a shade tree, covered patio or colonnade) a suitable portable canopy must be provided by the venue or we will not be able to deliver our service
  • In case of cold temperatures below 55 degrees, a standing heater must be provided by the venue